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Why choose us

Choosing where to have your car repaired is an extremely important decision which has lasting consequences.

Understandably, what matters to you is cost, trust, convenience, service and anything that affects your time and peace of mind.

However, there are additional things that matter and while they may not at first seem obvious they are in fact vitally important to you and your car - safety, quality, functionality, warranty and value. All these things are at stake when your car is being repaired. To learn more about the importance of choosing your own repairer go to our FAQs page and see 'Dealing with my insurance company'.

  • Care - Recognising that you may well be using our services for the very first time, we work hard to guide you through the unfamiliar areas and put you at the centre of everything we do.
  • Priority - Needing to have your car repaired is an unplanned and unwelcome event. We understand how this can affect you which is why our priority is you and your car. We want your experience with us to be memorable for all the right reasons.
  • Experience - Over 45 years of listening and adapting to the changing needs of our customers while embracing current best practice to maintain our place among the best.
  • Reassurance - Regularly audited manufacturer trained technicians using genuine parts and approved paint materials to protect your car's integrity, safety, functionality, warranty and its re-sale value.

Of course, one never wants to pay more than one has to. But what does this mean and is it wise to place price before the safety and integrity of your car? Your car is the product of advanced and sophisticated modern technology. This technology is only understood by trained experts.

Many types of damage are too quickly judged to be minor by low-cost repairers, but what about secondary damage which can occur when the energy from a collision is absorbed by the hidden structure of the bodywork? What about those sensitive on-board systems that consist of electronic modules and mechanical units located behind exterior body panels? Can you be sure that their functionality has been checked and restored? When your car is returned, will it be able to perform as it did before the accident? Will it respond and be just as ready in a future accident?

Such insight into what might otherwise seem to be, on the face of it, even the most minor or cosmetic body repair is the foremost distinguishing factor of a skilled and manufacturer-trained professional - expert in the repair of the car you own.

After an accident, how else can your car be restored to as genuine and original condition as possible? How better can you protect the safety and the value of your car?

You always have a choice. Despite what you may hear from an insurance company, only you have the right to choose the expert to repair your car. Choose Exan. The manufacturer's choice.

Out-of-Hours Emergency

If in an out-of-hours emergency you need to leave your car with us you can bring it to our secure 24-Hour storage centre near the services area at Junction 23 of the M25 Motorway:

Repair Guarantee  

Only a Manufacturer Approved Centre can provide you with a Repair Warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer...