Skoda Approved Paint & Body Centre

The Skoda you drive represents a substantial investment and reflects the high standards of quality and performance you demand. Your purchase was made with many more similar demands in mind. So now that your Skoda needs repair, it makes perfect sense to return it to the experts familiar with every aspect of its engineering.

  • Fully skilled and experienced technicians receive regular Skoda training to ensure they remain expert in their field.
  • Exclusive access to approved repair processes formulated by engineers at the Skoda factory ensures repair methods used by us match, as closely as possible, the original manufacturing processes.
  • Mandatory equipment and tooling designed specifically for Skoda ensure that repair quality and integrity replicate, as closely as possible, the original factory design and build standards.
  • Genuine Skoda approved new parts and paint materials only are used in the repair of your car. There can be no Skoda warranty without these.

After an accident, how else can your Skoda be restored to as genuine and original condition as possible? How better can you protect the safety and the value of your Skoda?

You always have a choice. Despite what you may hear from an insurance company, only you have the right to choose the expert to repair your Skoda. Choose Exan. The manufacturer's choice.

Out-of-Hours Emergency

If in an out-of-hours emergency you need to leave your car with us you can bring it to our secure 24-Hour storage centre near the services area at Junction 23 of the M25 Motorway:

Repair Guarantee  

Only a Manufacturer Approved Centre can provide you with a Repair Warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer...